The value of content gets more expensive every year, this might sound like a cliché but is true –Knowledge is Power.  Whether you get it or not the only way to gain valuable followers likes or whatever you want it called is by sharing things that is going somehow help people.

Write about things you think people need to learn more about, give them your opinion and suggest valid solutions. People will get used to your writing style and your personality, those who like it will follow and little by little you will build a great list of followers.

But what if you work in a tax services company? How then are you supposed to come up with a database that people can relate to?

Be fun, if there is something people don’t react well at all is to big technical words, explain everything in a simple way.  Implement the use of videos and use more graphics.

If you don’t see a change right away don’t worry, this process takes time and your expertise, personality, and perseverance will surely help you position yourself among the experts on your niche.